The image below has been reduced in size. Click on it to see the full version.

"This is an example of how Real Desktop Light will look on your computer's display."

Be fed up with selfsame desktop appearance? Your attempt downloads and install Real is Desktop( Lighter Version). Certified by Your desktop appearance direct will make Your friend envies. Real is this Desktop make Your desktop appearance one on the turn as 3 dimensions. You stay to manage icon icon on Your desktop at one's will so effect of 3 dimension it becomes more beautiful.

Screenshot 2 of Real Desktop Light

"In the settings window of Real Desktop Light you can customize the application so that it will meet your requirements."

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Evers been no sees your friend Flash Disk have icon photograph and while Flash Disk is broken open, appearance background is not white as usually, but as one image? .. if you are still are at a loss why get so, I will slightly divide trik that my tofu which may only, there are many person have also knows trick this. Trick this utilizes 2 files as application it, which is file desktop.ini and autorun.inf

Gone in for following step:

desktop. ini

* notepad is open
* code entry hereunder into notepad:


{BE098140 - A513 11D0 A3A4 00C04FD706EC}= {BE098140 - A513 11D0 A3A4 00C04FD706EC}

[ {BE098140 - A513 11D0 A3A4 00C04FD706EC}]


IconArea_Image=name_folder\name_image. jpg


* Looking a part

IconArea_Image=name_folder\name_image. jpg

* that is a part that has you replacing. If you have to draw named “ lenk.jpg ” and lies deep folder “ image ”, therefore replacing with writing: IconArea_Image=image\lenk. jpg
* Then part see


* 6 code hex's last digits to colors. Where is FFFFFF is white. and you can see hex color at webbed http://html color codes. com /
* Save is usa selectively ace save type “ all files ” and gives desktop.ini's name
* Save on your Flash Disk (don't at deep folder)

autorun. inf

* notepad is open
* Insert script hereunder
Icon=File / lenk. png
* It is meant, icon's file is in folder “ File ” by the name of “ lenk.png ”
* Labour to make icon with size 32×32 pixel, you can utilize softwares as iconmaker etcetera.
* Save is us selectively ace save type “ all files ” and gives autorun.inf's name
* Keeping in Flash Disk (don't in folder)

You please to try plug your Flash Disk and looking what happen:D


* pixel's rev on draws background free. But appearance will variably at every monitor that variably inchi
* Trik adds background, can be utilized to add background on partisionHardisk your Disk.

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On flash disc who strikes virus usually (are not always) available file in it available instruction for going virus program. Nah, while is flash disc that was inserted to drive USB that feature autorun not at disable therefore Windows 2000 self acting will carry on program on background without marks sense confirmation to user.

One of the ways to reduce jeopardy strikes that virus is with disable autorun's feature on drive USB. There is trick even it is as follows:

1. Knobbed click Starts Run.

2. gpedit.msc's type and OK press.

3. Click on User Configuration Administrative Templates System.

4. Click 2x on Turn Off Autoplay.

5. Click on option Enable.

6. On option Turn off Autoplay on, vote for All Drives.

7. Click OK.

8. All through.

Note: gpedit. master of science just is at Windows XP Professional.

Read more.....“disable Autorun on USB”

You have important data in a folder and wants folder that protection with password? This trick it:

1.Right click on vacant lot over and above folder who that protection will,
then chooses CUSOMIZE THIS FOLDER,then chooses CREATE HTML
2.Then you will come in to go to Notepad, Clew up until seeing

Read more.....“protection folder with password ”

BIOS constitutes vital's component on motherboard. All configuration, well data communication basic arrangement and information among computer component, and also another essential arrangement lies on component one it. What becomes it if a while we activate password on BIOS that and … coming forgets passwordnya? There's only 3 stage are easily that we can do, for example:

* Hard Reset passes through jumper reset BIOS on motherboard
* Soft Reset passes through special application, as: REMPASS BIOS password finder and remover (http://natan. zejn. the / rempass. html), BIOS Killer, BIOS Patching, CmosPwd by Christophe GRENIER (http://www. cgsecurity. org), and is still a lot of again.
* Debug is Mode (because of time limitation, this the one if finds time I will write on posting coming).

Between so much application Soft Reset BIOS that evers been my attempt, CmosPwd is Christophe GRENIER's brand has a lot of top which is CmosPwd is made under GNU Public's license so gets to be gotten and to be broadcast ala no charge, besides can also at compile to a variety operating system requirement as Pack, Windows 2000, Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD. CmosPwd is Version 4.8 gets to be carried on and successful successful on Windows XP's operating system (on BIOS Reseter's application any other, it stills hard to be done). Why shall choose or uses Soft Reset BIOS if we that I can reset pass through jumper? Its answer is simple: this stage is done if we are averse or lazy to open casing computer, or gets to be done to some people which have no knowledge base at hardware's area computer. Hopefully helps … CmosPwd 4.8 gets to be taken here.

Read more.....“Reset Password BIOS (Computer)”

Classically, for that matter there's only two options on BIOS. Making system the quickest one or wants to accentuate stability. Recognize its function, therefore You will get one system which optimal, compromise result both.

Along with because of PC component developing, somewhat BIOS also experiences severally change. Particularly it happens because of continually its amends many main supporting components on PC. CPU (central processor is unit) indeed hold essential role, in this case. CPU purpose gets technology 64 bits of course it needs one special functions. And so do PCI Express as supplementary as AGP'S slot, and DDR DDR what does offer bandwidth memory that greater being appealed DDR.

At Ways cross
For that matter, no setting an BIOS the best one. But we try to give explanation, that You can make setting an optimal with BIOS You.

With setting BIOS, You will be brought up among two options. Herein is enabled for over get components on PC. Indeed with one price which shall be paid. Without component which qualified also component refrigeration that is equal to, therefore You will only get one system which unstable.

Load Fail Safe Default's option or even that a sort, will give best stability. Unhappily, this option not issues all ability from system proprietary one You.

Expected, after read this time review, You can more increase You PC ability. Via setting is BIOS re. Something who may some people be still fear to do it. And plays favorites again still perceive is at a loss by functions in it. Our it looks on fairly. Remember, are not all motherboard's producer attach fledged and informative manual. Notably for setting BIOS it.

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A lot of it programs that installed on Windows 2000 can cause you computer feels getting slowing while start up. It is ordinary happens since programs that You that installing adds severally instruction for going given program on registry. So, are not odd if You computer need more time so long before ready to been utilized.
If You patient waits to start up Windows have quite a depleted, there is it is better you erase many entries on go to y. Run at registry. Effaceable entry can as take orders that insignificant. It fledged stage is as follows:
1. Click [Start] > [Run] then Regedit's type on Run's dialog box. For Vista's Windows 2000, Regedit's type direct on menu Starts.
2. Come in to go to y. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run at Registry Editor.
3. Umpteen delete commands that you looks on not necessarily be carried on while starts up, with mengklik the mouse right on sectioned Name then vote for [Delete]
4. Then comes in to go to y. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run.
5. Do one thing equal to step 3. Functions from one command or name programs that will be carried on by order, usually gets you know from a part name commands that. If you don't want all program while starts up, You may empty subkey Run.
6. Close afterwards Registry's windows and Restarts you computer.

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stand by's mode whatever available on that human Windows current electric not clogged up to this mode be active. If electricity flow hung up by saved data at memory will get lost.
if you often experience electric effect data loss that clogged suddenly, better you utilize hibernate's mode. On this hibernate's mode, windows will keep all data at included memory all program and document that be you open into hardisk, before you computer is switched off. Besides, you will perceive faster working computer from usually while start up computer. It now happens since windows not necessarily call program from the beginning.
To activate hibernate's feature, click [Start] > [Control Panel] [Power Options] On Power Options Properties's window, tab click [Hibernate] Then marks checkbox [Enable Hibernation] If checkbox it can't at click, give blank space as big as you main memory at drive C.
Hereafter if you want to utilize Hibernate's mode, click [Start] > [Turn off Computer…] Knobbed press [Shift] then switch click [Hibernate]

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On system Microsofts recent operation, Vista's windows and Windowses Xp previous Windows backed up system NTFS's file (New Technology is System's File). Even disarakan to utilize system's file this type, since NTFS can more work stable and optimal, and this system file mamu looks after data security with enkripsi's facility. So waits evenless, move goes to NTFS .

If install's overshoot windows , stills shuttlecock can be substituted to system NTFS's file without reformat Hardisk. Before substitutes file, see before properties partition on hardisk you, there available system's file information.

Nah... begini is its steps if pengen substitutes system's file you go to NTFS.

1. Command Prompt's open. : Click Starts, All Programs's spot, then Accessories, and Command Prompt's click.

2. On command prompt's window aja direct type as it: convert drive: /fs:ntfs

example: convert c: /fs:ntfs therefore that men convert drive will c as NTFS.
Other trick can be sailed through while you install windows 2000 first time, therefore will there is option for hardisk's format utilizes NTFS format.

OK... yeah that she little bit its tips, hopefully utilitarian and behoof for we all...

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Log in Automatic
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows Nt / CurrentVersion / Winlogon
AltDefaultUserName's double click and inserts username account who is chosen.
AutoAdminLogon's double click and inserts number 1 on Value Data.
For one DWORD Value new and gives DefaultPassword's name.
DefaultPassword's double click and inserts password account who is chosen on Value Data.

Hiding Printer's Ikon & Faxes from Starts Menu
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows 2000 / CurrentVersion / Explorer / Advanced
Sought for value named Start_ShowPrinters and gives number 0 on Value Data.

Hiding Control Pane From Starts Menu
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / Advanced
Sought for value named Start_ShowControlPanel and double click on sectioned that.
Insert number 0 on Value Data.
Hiding My Pictures's Menu From Starts Menu
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / Advanced
Double click on Start_ShowMyPics and inserts number 0 on Value's part Data.

Arising Administrative Tools's Menu
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / Advanced
Double click on StartMenuAdminTools and gives number 1 on Value Data.

Minimizing Ikon Starts Menu
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / Advanced
Double click on Start_LargeMFUIcons and inserts number 1 on Value Data.

Removing Username On Starts Menu
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer
Vote for Edits> New> DWORD Value and gives NoUserNameInStartMenu's name.
NoUserNameInStartMenu's double click and inserts number 1 on Value Data.

Prevent changing Menu Starts
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer
For one DWORD Value new and gives NoChangeStartMenu's name.
NoChangeStartMenu's double click and inserts number 1 on Value Data.

Hiding My Recent Documents
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows 2000 / CurrentVersion / Explorer / Advanced
Double click on Start_ShowRecentDocs and inserts number 0 on Value Data.

Changing Default Shortcut's Name Is Of Important At Desktop
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows 2000 / CurrentVersion / Explorer / CLSID
Double click on default value on their subkey hereunder:
My Network Places:
{208D2C60 - 3AEA 1069 A2D7 08002B30309D}
My Computer:
{20D04FE0 - 3AEA 1069 A2D8 08002B30309D}
My Documents:
{450D8FBA AD25 11D0 98A8 0800361B1103}
Recycle Bin:
{645FF040 - 5081 101B 9F08 00AA002F954E}
Default IE Icon:
{871C5380 - 42A0 1069 A2EA 08002B30309D}
insert unique the names as supplementary as default name.

Hiding Ikon At Desktop
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / Advanced
Double click on HideIcons and inserts number 1 on Value Data.

Clear all Ikon On Desktop
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer
For one DWORD Value new and gives NoDesktop's name.
Double click on NoDesktop and inserts number 1 on Value Data.

Making Stable More Desktop
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer
For one DWORD Value new and gives DesktopProcess's name.
DesktopProcess's double click and inserts number 1 on Value Data.

Erasing Program List In Run's Menu
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows 2000 / CurrentVersion / Explorer / RunMRU
At window next door right, will visually software suites (marked by alphabet a's ala, b, c, d, and so on). To erase it, adequately selectively one of (or all) name programs aught and Del's switch press. If confirmation window appearance for data deletion, Yes's press.

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Do you want to get a Powerfull Multimedia Software? Blaze Media Pro is the solution. It is powerful all-in-one software that includes an audio converter (MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, etc.), MP3 encoder and MP3 decoder, MP3 ripper, MPEG encoder and MPEG decoder, video converter (AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc.), audio editor, video editor, CD/DVD burner, and much more in a single software application.
Blaze Media Pro's unique Media Manager makes it easy to work with all your audio and video creations - playback at your fingertips. Even rename, copy, move, or tag files instantly. You can convert DVD to AVI, MPG, WMV with this software. You also don't need another CD burning software and DVD burning software anymore, because you will get it all in one software. You can download the powerfull software HERE and then you can try it.

Read more.....“Download a Powerful Multimedia Software”

Read more.....“ ”

link to download:

photoshop this has gotten to utilize arabic.. number's serial have is at in it..
you stay to download and enjoy adobe photshop cs 3...

Read more.....“Download Adobe Photoshop cs3 Free”

JetAudio is one of audio winding software and video. Not far difference with Music Player as (Winamp). JetAudio backs up a lot of format as WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and is video, and is CD audio.

Then with appearance a. interesting (in store a lot of skins) JetAudio also good deep manages playlist, management is album, editting tag MP3, and also Internet Broadcaasting. Equalizer that available on JetAudio also lovely. And is still a lot of again feature whatever available on this the one software. Myself is nuts over JetAudio is because available Mode so Toolbarnya simple and quite a practical.

So if you want to try music player besides winamp, JetAudio can at makes alternatively. Now JetAudio is present with vers 7.1.7 vers's previous afterses 7.03. To download this software, download on link under posting already I provide

skin jet audio
JetAudio Features :

  • Supports All Major File Formats, Video Conversion, Audio CD burning, Recording, Tag Editing, Multi-channel sound ouput, Crossfade, Skin, Subtitles, Internet CD Database, Convenient album management & Playlist, Utilities, Remote Controller, Media Center Window, Audio Conversion, Audio CD Ripping, Internet Broadcasting, Various sound effects, Speed Control, Resume, Synchronized Lyric (Karaoke), Alarm & Timer, Equalizer, Superb Crystal-Clear Sound, Toolbar mode

New in jetAudio 7 :
• New Media Center window (replaces previous Album Manager)
• Repeat A<->B
• Bookmark. Bookmark menu is shown when clicking click time information in jetAudio window.
• History (Resume). History menu is shown when clicking click track number in jetAudio window.
• Support Remote Controller. You can control jetAudio using MCE (Microsoft Media Center) compatible remote controller or StreamZap remote controller.

What’s New in jetAudio 7.1.7
* Fixed Audio Stream Switcher bug when using internal audio decoder for multi-audio files
* Support COWON P5/A2/S9 devices
* Fixed WMA image tag to be compatible with Windows Media Player Fixed resume for Audio CD digital playback
* Fixed other minor bugs

Download jet audio 7.1.7

Download Jet Audio 7.1.7

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VLC is media player is one open source's media player, distributed under GNU General Public License. VLC is one multimedia player that enough lovely supportive a lot of codec video and audio, so also backs up a lot of file format as DVD, VCD and gets streaming's protocol kind. Can functioning stream thru network data and compressy is multimedia's file and keeps it in medley format.
VLC comprises one of player independent best available in Linux's version, Windows 2000 microsoft, Mac OS x, BeOS, BSD, CE's windows 2000 and Solaris.

Install VLC is Media Player at Ubuntu
Before VLC, shall you ensure if you have mirror "universe" at / etc / apt / sources.list
# sudo apt get install vlc vlc plugin esd
So finish, VLC have terinstall
To open VLC first time carries on Applications—>Sound & Video—>VLC is Media Player

Skins VLC is Media Player
You can download skins to VLC at http://www. videolan. org / vlc / skins. php. Download and keeping at VLC'S directory you( ~/. vlc / skins skins). Then you can revamp skins VLC by: settings---> Switch interface---> Skins 2

Utilizing VLC to see streaming's video face to face
You can witness streaming's video utilizes VLC. File---> Open Network Stream and vote for HTTP / HTTPS / FTP / MMS, then URL'S type and you can witness streaming's video face to face from URL your favorite

download vlc

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Firefox 3 beta version 4 has been issued on the fifteenth 10th March 2008. This recent version has is more than 900 repairs since beta version 3 by increasing drastic at performance, memory using up efficiency, stability and the better appearance.

Effort to increase Firefox's performance happened consistently and according to developers, get the this last beta gets faster twofold performance than Firefox 2 while run severally popular webbed applications as Zoho Office and GMail. Smaller memory using up since early have become focus at developmental Firefox 3, and this progress looks clear at this recent version.

Firefox 3 betas 4 have well-nigh ready to been adopted massal's alae. Beta version to five one possibling to constitute last beta versions before release candidate Firefox 3 is issued.

Marginally, revised feature at beta version 4 is:

* Download Manager new
* Full page zoom
* Appearance that use Vista's theme, Mac & Linux
* Location is bar & auto complete
* Speed
* Memory using up

I have used, really feels lighter and faster while do browsing and uda ga evers been crash again connection despite again ga nicely, evenless also aided with tips hastens firefox in here

Mozilla Fire Fox 3 Beta 4
Firefox 3 is faster, safer and smarter.


Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 1

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If you have drawned round virtual the world for time what do long time enough, maybe you find various topic hit Spyware, Adware, and Malware. This type software frequent menginstall her at computer without ask for permit of its beforehand owner. This software get to slow computer performances, revamping desktop appearance, homepage, and the worst, mentransmisikan is information at your computer goes to computer any other via internet.

Not to mention that its name menyebalkan's virus. If this the one not necessarily I word be. You must have known hit vandal program that denominated by computer virus.

If your computer coincidence attacked by virus, spyware, adware, or malware, you can utilize false one of many tool no charge for men scan and erases that program of your computer.

Software for delete Spyware, Adware, dan Malware
Lavasoft Ad-Aware
Spybot Search & Destroy
MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
Super Anti Spyware
a-squared Scanner

Software prevent Spyware, Adware, and Malware
Spyware Blaster
Spyware Guide

Program Spyware Removal
ComboFix - All in One removal tools
CWShredder 2.19 - Cool Web Search Removal dari TrendMicro
Elite Toobar Remover
Incredifind and PerfectNav Unistaller
SDFix - Multitask Removal Tools
SmitRem - for delete SpyAxe, SpySherrif, Winhound dan Rogue AntiSpyware lainnya

Tools for undeleteable files
Pocket Killbox
Remove On Reboot Shell Extension

Tool Virus, Spyware and Adware
SysInternals Process Explorer
SysInternals RootkitRevealer

Online Virus Scanner
TrendMicro HouseCall
BitDefender Scan Online
F-Secure Online Scanner
eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner
Symantec Security Check

Trojan Scanner
TrojanScan by

Free Antivirus

TCP/IP and Winsock Repair Utilities for Windows XP
Winsock XP Fix
XP TCP/IP Repair Utilities

Such a degree free software lists to remove viruses, spyware, adware and malware. Hopefully utilitarian for you. If you antivirus's software or antispyware nicely that doesn't I write here, you please to add on comment.

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Although Windows system has have been provided with by GUI (Graphical User Interface) but we still to need …

Hereunder is umpteen tips hit to command AT r on MS PACK:

1. at r c:
This is instruction “ basic ” one be utilized to feature file and directory on drive C.

2. at r c: d:
Utilized to feature file and directory on drive c and D.

3. at r / b / s
Utilized to feature directory and subdirectory with full path name's appearance.

4. at r / a
Utilized to feature all file included system's file and hidden file (hidden).
To feature all file which is at drive d. utilizes instruction as follows: at r d.: /a

5. at r / os
Utilized to feature file and directory with beginning thread of fairish file smallest until with fairish file largest. To turn back Your thread can utilize instruction: at r / o s

You can substitute parameter s on instruction upon with:
- n, its instruction at r / on: name massage
- e, its instruction at r / oe: file type massage
- d, its instruction at r / od: date massage

6. at r / p
To feature file and directory about “ page ”.
For another parameter of instruction at Your r gets to see helpnya by sets down: at r /?

Read more.....“Tips MS DOS: Intruction DIR”

All this time maybe You often place shortcut on Quick Launch. But wills be a “ problems ” if You place shortcut's overdoses over there. Why? Obviously taskbar You will be consumed with shortcut shortcut, and it of course it will reduce aesthetical Your Windows 2000.

But by use of True Launch Bar, problem as above as gets to be settled. Since True Launch Is Bar can agglomerate shortcut shortcut that bases category that You wants. E.g. meaty Mathematics category shortcut Delphi, C ++ Builder, Visual Basic. Category Designs Web for Dreamweaver, Page's cadre, GoLive, etcetera.

To men setting True Launch its trick Bar is so easy. First downloads before its program, then install. Staged succeeding is as follows:

1. Right click on empty area on taskbar.
2. Vote for Toolbars, then True Launch's click Bar.
3. Right click, vote for Create Menu to make shortcut's category.
4. To add shortcut on have just category You make, right click pd that category and vote for New Shortcut. Browse goes to program position that wants You for shortcutnya.
5. Staged succeeding same.
6. For information what do You more complete get to read on help's file that is attached. Helpnya adequately complete shuttlecock:-)

True Launch Bar on windows
>>Download Now<<

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