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To you that have blog, must do various that trick your blog more pulls and to be visitted by a lot of visitor to read. From add beginning delicate image seen by eyes, until script's purpose that apparently can make load Blog you gets weight and so long. Performance that such a bad just is not it adds to foot up visitor who will read blog you, but one at a time maybe will leave Blog already steeply you make. Then, what do have to be done? Try to do following a few things:

1. Reduce total purpose draws. Pictured purpose will so regard access speed from a blog, it because of capacity for one file just can reach severally kilobyte (Kb) and can take into account to get what a long time that needed to download 1 file just draw.

2. Agglomerate and comes to pieces content part become about page. It momentously because tips secondly it intends that main page or ordinary one is called with indirect index page features entirely content from blog.

3. Reduce banner banner that moving. Maybe it really wont we to commute banner, but crossbeam better we come to pieces at given part and our measure minimize be.

4. And the latest and presumably needs to be noticed is part of pernak pernik or item item is supporting as LinkList, Profile, ShoutBox, etc. advisable disguised deep list menu. This matter item item that becomes submenu from menu at its settle.

Hopefully this tips can behoof for you

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