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To you that have blog, must do various that trick your blog more pulls and to be visitted by a lot of visitor to read. From add beginning delicate image seen by eyes, until script's purpose that apparently can make load Blog you gets weight and so long. Performance that such a bad just is not it adds to foot up visitor who will read blog you, but one at a time maybe will leave Blog already steeply you make. Then, what do have to be done? Try to do following a few things:

1. Reduce total purpose draws. Pictured purpose will so regard access speed from a blog, it because of capacity for one file just can reach severally kilobyte (Kb) and can take into account to get what a long time that needed to download 1 file just draw.

2. Agglomerate and comes to pieces content part become about page. It momentously because tips secondly it intends that main page or ordinary one is called with indirect index page features entirely content from blog.

3. Reduce banner banner that moving. Maybe it really wont we to commute banner, but crossbeam better we come to pieces at given part and our measure minimize be.

4. And the latest and presumably needs to be noticed is part of pernak pernik or item item is supporting as LinkList, Profile, ShoutBox, etc. advisable disguised deep list menu. This matter item item that becomes submenu from menu at its settle.

Hopefully this tips can behoof for you

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1. For one haven't apply Google Adsense (GA) or often been refused apply at adsense, maybe can begin by makes english-speaking Blog at Update at least 1 2 Weeks if dah apply GA's new OK. This stage successful possible 90% by scripted you sites don't illegal's siteses (hacker, porn, download crack) and a sort it and sites shall also often at update
2. Better sites you having english language if Indonesian or half and half usually sparse will come out text adsn Google, secretory 99% advertising service (can at mind but breaches terms of servises's TOSS) but your sites was annual (more than 1 2 years) issue new Eurasian lingual advertising if episodic mixture one can Eurasian and can also England and sometimes can come out "advertising services"
3. Occasional Google because sooner or later you that now must, read preceding TOSS because every 3 6 months once must there is provisions new one get my day see becoming elaborate... 90% ones have GA must ever been do deceitfulnesses well at deliberate or no even, one that right usually nasty must will at tire, kl that rare utmost beforehand
4. To is want to increase traffic its sites free ala can use trick:

- List at all sites search engine especially Google, Yahoo and MSN (do every 2 Weeks)
- Tukeran link / banner dgn is sites humanity
- Email ship goes to that just know (don't spam) or attaches signature at your email
- signature's vesture your sites while posting at forum
- Mailing list sometimes can help (don't spam also)
- Sites update and makes one pull and as informative as maybe so pull utk's yen ingoing
- Do make the point whatever origin don't SPAM & no breaches GA's TOSS
5. Your another trick must pay dgn put together banner at other sites, one that you perceive to correspond to what do you promote or adword with Google's tide. Don't on and off pay sites that keeps faith trafic thousands its visitor since character just temporary and to be prohibitted by GA
6. Don't you do spam anyplace utk sites promotion because my own jg hates spam and spam's one usually its sites reputation will bad although trafi increases momentary but for long range will get effect not good and sites you will at "blacklist". Don't become person that suck because netter Eurasian have a lot of at with stamp reputation deteriorates at internet as netter that fond hacker, copyright plough, bullshit is alone nation and beginning the latest SPAM'S favor
7. You that affiliate dgn clickbank can, amazon or for add another one you sites production. Advertising place position in point, sites and news appearance that often at update can also make alone gain for you
8. Better sites you have .com's suffix .net because if only blogspot from Google will very much competitor for now and far between input ranking top ten excepts you find unique word for it or your sites so informative and news that given by your sites benefit a lot of person. If even such needs for long time time can at position on but you advertise you sites
9. You are advisable shall have hobby write article because if not your sites just contain information that taken from by others sites and rating you will slowgoing its rise if you even take from org's sites any other and continually you edit and beautify, please graft source from your news this because are journalist ethical code. My article just at internet also frequent plowed by person without add its source dr which. Study share and mutually price netter's humanity, if you comprise fond person plow, appeal yeah is reduced and long time is removed...
10. Last thing most importantly is "never gives up" since everybody and I also begin from zero. All something evers be available its startup. Studying, studying and studying is main key if want success at thisa and I also still do it until today

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